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Art is without doubt one of Cambodia’s greatest treasures. With a rich history dating back centuries, it really is at the heart of the culture. The most well-known period came from the time of the Khmer Empire (802–1431). Centred predominantly around the majestic, mainly 12th-century, temple-complex of Angkor Wat. Other examples can be found scattered around the country. The architecture and symbolism were originally Hindu, but later changed to incorporate Buddhism, leading to a unique amalgamation of styles. Due to the fall of the Khmer empire, all sites were abandoned and overtaken by mother nature. However, this was a blessing, as much of the stone carving and architecture were left in peace. It allows them to be so well preserved today. Other than at the temples themselves, examples of Angkorian art can be found in museums. For example, in the Angkor National Museum in Siem Reap as well as in the National Museum in Phnom Penh. A visit to the fascinating Artisans d’Angkor will show you how modern-day stone masons and carpenters carry on these ancient traditions today. Both for restoration purposes and modern pieces for sale.

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Apsara dancers

Khmer traditional dance, such as the world famous apsara, also forms a key part of Cambodia’s artistic heritage. Weather it is a visit to the wonderful Cambodia Living Arts, or a dinner and dance show in one of the major cities, this is something not to be missed. Other traditional Cambodian arts and crafts include textiles, non-textile weaving, silversmithing, stone carving, lacquerware, ceramics, wat murals, and kite-making. Cambodian pottery has a rich history dating back to 5000 BC. Largely used for practical purposes, there is scant evidence that Khmer ceramics were ever exported, but this unique style, often taking the shape of birds and animals is like none other.

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Along with the more traditional art scene, the country’s burgeoning modern art movement which began in the middle of the 20th century was crudely cut short by the rise of the Khmer Rouge. Many artists were imprisoned, forced into labour camps, or killed as they and their freedom of thought were seen as a threat.  However, thankfully, in more recent years Cambodia has experienced an artistic resurgence and now attracts significant support from NGOs and the government.  All the major cities have wonderful galleries open to the public, including the beautiful Theam's House in Siem Reap. This fascinating private collection is located in the artist’s beautiful wooden house set in a tranquil tropical garden. It is truly a joy to behold.

The latest form of art experience and a rapidly growing scene in the capital, is street art. Colourful murals have begun to adorn the walls in some areas adding a new sense of vibrancy. Many hotels and restaurants have employed these street artists to design bespoke murals for their business.

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In conclusion, whatever your taste, the Cambodian art scene has something to pique your interest.

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