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Feeling responsible refill bottles

In this paragraph we share how we can reduce the carbon footprint. Feeling Responsible:

Environmental sustainability and protection are global issues, and nowhere more so than here in Cambodia. We aim to build tours which are not only enjoyable and engaging for visitors, but also of real, direct benefit to the local community. There are some amazing NGOs which you can visit to see the wonderful work they do. Most importantly, they help people, nature and environment of this beautiful country.

Plastic waste is becoming a huge problem in Cambodia, and single-use plastic water bottles are the worst offenders. The wonderful ‘Refill not Landfill’ initiative, which we are proud members of, promotes the use of reusable metal drinking bottles. These can be bought, and refilled for free, at many locations throughout Siem Reap. Also working tirelessly against plastic waste is ‘Rehash the Trash’. This community-based project collects plastic bags and turns them into some wonderful and practical items. Such as bags, mats, coasters and more, all made by hand by their wonderful team.

For our diesel jeeps,  we use biodiesel from Naga Earth. At Naga Earth factory in Siem Reap, they up-cycle used cooking oil into biodiesel and glycerin. The biodiesel is utilized as a clean alternative to diesel fuel. The glycerin by-product is then up-cycled again into soap and vegan leather. Each step of production and delivery is done in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Benefits to the planet 90% less hydrocarbon emissions 50% less carbon dioxide emissions no sulfate emissions

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Panha Sabay produces fabulous educational toys to help Cambodian children, many of whom only study at school for a few hours each day, to further develop their abilities and understanding of what they learn at school. Whenever possible, all toys are created using natural or recycled materials. Visiting the Green Gecko Project is also a wonderful experience. This grassroots NGO operates a number of long-term programs empowering families who previously lived and worked on the streets, to care for their children in a safe and nurturing environment. They are helped to break away from a cycle of begging and poverty and look forward to a brighter, more sustainable future. Perhaps one of the most unique trips is a visit to Apopo where you can learn about the demining efforts which continue today in many parts of Cambodia, as well as witness how amazing Tanzanian pouched rats have been trained to detect mines!

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We also work together with many local community-based projects such as the wonderful tourism project at Bantay Chhmar temple. They positively engages the local community in sustainably operating and developing their area’s tourism potential. Another community-based NGO well worth a visit is the Elephant Valley Project in Mondulkiri. Here the captive elephants are cared for using a project model which supports local people and the environment. Hopefully that this project can be a model for others around SE Asia. In Kampot, you can visit the local Trapeang Sankea community. A special project designed to bring the mangroves back to the coast. A boat will take you into the mangroves where you can help keep this project going! You will be given a baby mangrove plant which you can plant on the Kampot coastline, helping to return this vital ecosystem to the area.

Not far from Siem Reap, near Kulen Mountains is another elephant project called Kulen Elephant project. The elephants at the Kulen Elephant Forest have spent most of their lives working in the tourism industry. Now the elephants are enjoying a long-awaited and well-deserved retirement. Here in the forest, they can finally roam free and unburdened

Based on your interests and wishes, we will work on making an initial itinerary for you. After this, we are happy to adjust whatever you want to, creating a final itinerary that is certain not to disappoint. We just want to work closely with you at every step, making sure that your needs are taken care of completely.

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