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For the adventurous among you, Cambodia offers a wealth of spectacular countryside just waiting to be explored. For instance, areas such as Ratanakiri, Mondulkiri and the magnificent Cardamom Mountains are often forgotten by tourists. However, this areas  should not be missed. Going Adventures!

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Going Adventures.

Fabulous jungle and mountain trekking include lakes, elephants and indigenous tribes that await the more intrepid traveller. With the possibilities of mountain biking, kayaking and even building your own white-water bamboo river raft. In addition, you can explore the beauty of Cambodia’s nature and national parks in a variety of different and exciting ways. In the Cardamom mountains it is also possible to join the local wildlife rangers on patrol. You will learn about how they work tirelessly to protect the local wildlife and nature.  

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Extraordinary accommodations

Such diverse and beautiful countryside also comes with a number of truly unique accommodation, some only accessible by river. For example, the jewel in the crown is the wonderful, ultimate glamping experience provided at the Cardamom Tented Camp. Where you can stay in luxury right in the heart of the mountains. In conclusion, whatever your adventurous streak needs, you are sure to find something to satisfy yourself of the Cambodian countryside.

Based on your interests and wishes, we will work on making an initial itinerary for you. After this, we are happy to adjust whatever you want to. Creating a final itinerary that is certain not to disappoint. We just want to work closely with you at every step, making sure that your needs are taken care of completely.

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