Happy Family Time

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Happy Family Time:

In this paragraph, we are going to explain the possibilities of traveling with children in Cambodia. It is always nice if you can bring your whole family on holiday. Cambodia offers a wealth of child friendly activities to help make your trip truly unforgettable. For example,   half day visit to the temples is much less rigorous for children, and a family bike tour offers a uniquely picturesque view of the temples. It can be carried out at your own speed (you can of course do this by traditional tuk-tuk if you prefer, which many families also love). This can also be combined with the thrills of the Angkor Zipline. Where you can fly through the forest with your family on a truly heart-pounding ride.

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For younger children (and even adults!) there is the wonderfully quaint Angkor Putt mini golf. This unique 14-hole course, located just outside Siem Reap in the countryside. Which has been lovingly created by a local man with miniature temples featuring on each hole. Above all, taking the family on a vintage jeep trip into the countryside of Siem Reap is always a favourite allowing the whole family. See the beauty of the countryside in style. It is also possible to visit one of the many wonderful NGOs here where your whole family can learn together ways to make our planet better. A class of the Kingdom Fight Gym, where you can learn about traditional Khmer martial arts, is also an educational and active trip. Kids love it. Test your family brains and teamwork. In other words, why not try to break out of one of the three puzzling escape rooms.

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Spend more time with your family

And if time permits, we at Cambodia Travel Partner like to add a few rest days in every package where you and your family can relax at the pool, take a trip to one of the beautiful islands to enjoy pristine white sand beaches, or just explore at your own pace. In conclusion, with a wealth of family-friendly activities, your children are sure to have a memorable happy family time.

Based on your interests and wishes, we will work on making an initial itinerary for you. After this, we are happy to adjust whatever you want to, creating a final itinerary that is certain not to disappoint. We just want to work closely with you at every step, making sure that your needs are taken care of completely.

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