Giant puppet project

Giant Puppets Project

Giant Puppets Stomp Through Siem Reap, Spreading Joy to Kids!

Get ready for a parade unlike any other! On February 24th, the streets of Siem Reap will come alive with towering giants, vibrant music, and dancing crowds. It’s the Giant Puppet Project, and this year, it’s bringing extra smiles to the city! One of these amazing puppets will be specially sponsored by CAMDMC, a group of friendly Touroperators who help tourists explore Siem Reap’s wonders. But their kindness doesn’t stop after the parade! After stomping and swaying through the streets, CAMDMC will donate their giant puppet to the Children’s Hospital. That’s right, even kids who couldn’t join the parade can get a peek at this magical creation!
Giant Puppets parade
Giant Puppet Project
Giant Puppet parade
Giant Puppets Project
These giant puppets are more than just cool costumes. They’re made by local artists and communities, using recycled materials and lots of imagination. Each one tells a story, celebrates Cambodian culture, and brings a splash of magic to the city. So, whether you’re young or old, local or visitor, come join the fun at the Giant Puppet Parade! Watch the giants dance, cheer with the crowd, and soak up the festive spirit. And remember, thanks to CAMDMC’s generosity, the magic will keep spreading even after the parade ends, bringing smiles and wonder to the children at the hospital. Here’s the scoop:
  • When: February 24th
  • What: Giant Puppets parade through Siem Reap, celebrating creativity and community
  • Special twist: CAMDMC sponsors a puppet and donates it to the Children’s Hospital after the parade!
Join the parade, feel the joy, and let the magic of Siem Reap’s Giant Puppets sweep you away! Watch here the video from the Giant Puppet project in 2023.

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