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We believe that tourism sometimes creates and destroys at the same time. In various parts of the world everybody may have seen the erosion of a culture. In some parts we saw big hotels being built where once were small bamboo huts. We feel responsible for what we bring. We feel the need that when we grow, we wanted others to grow with us. This is how it started.

The entire time I have been working in the tourism industry I have always found it important to give people a special gift. I thought that if people wanted to visit Angkor Wat they could go with many other tour agencies that do the same job, same road towards the same goal. I refused to do what I do without giving my heart.

For many years we have been helping local organizations in all sorts of ways. Whether I was helping and fundraising for an orphanage, placing volunteer teachers to teach English to students who would never be able to afford it, or helping local people with all sorts of small problems.

When we organize something and the local community is involved in this somehow. We will always donate a small amount, to improve the livelihood of those people.

During the years we saw a lot of children growing up to successful people of society.

We enjoy giving, where so many others have taken.

Thank you very much to all the donors that are helping to improve my country

Lily Lim

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