Lotos rallye 2024

Lotos Rallye 2024

LOTOS RALLYE 2024: We did it again!!!!

Unforgettable Cambodia: A Self-Drive Jeep Adventure Through Temples, Waterfalls, and Off-the-Map Roads

Forget the crowded tour buses and predictable itineraries. The best way to explore the hidden gems of Cambodia is behind the wheel of a vintage MUTT151 jeep, carving your own path through this Southeast Asian wonderland. Our recent LOTOS RALLYE 2024 was an unparalleled adventure, a sensory overload of ancient temples, cascading waterfalls, and landscapes untouched by modernity. We navigated dusty tracks that wouldn’t dare appear on Google Maps, crossed rivers on rickety ferries, and even built our own makeshift bridge to conquer a particularly stubborn stream.
Building a bridge
Building a brigde
Ferry crossing
Ferry crossing at Siempang

A Journey Through Time: Unveiling Remote Temples

Our trusty jeeps, weathered testaments to a bygone era, transported us back in time as we ventured beyond the well-trodden tourist trail. We stumbled upon forgotten temples, their moss-covered stones whispering tales of forgotten kingdoms. The serene tranquility of these hidden sanctuaries, far from the throngs of Angkor Wat, was a balm to the soul.
Ta Prohm temple
Ta Prohm Temple
Temples with jeep
Unknown temples

The Roar of the Jungle: Reaching Cambodia’s Majestic Waterfall

One of the highlights of our expedition was the heart-stopping descent to the base of Cambodia’s tallest waterfall, Bousra. The thundering cascade, shrouded in a veil of mist, was a spectacle of raw power and beauty. The spray of the falls cooled our sun-kissed skin as we marveled at this natural wonder, a hidden gem tucked away in the emerald embrace of the jungle.

Building Bridges, Not Walls: Overcoming Obstacles on the Road Less Traveled

Our self-drive adventure wasn’t without its challenges. But that’s precisely what made it so exhilarating. When we encountered a raging river blocking our path, we didn’t turn back.
River crossing
River crossing in Ratanakiri
self drive jeep
Rivercrossing in a jeep

Blessings from Above: A Serene Encounter with a Monk

Our journey wasn’t just about physical exploration; it was also a spiritual odyssey. We had the humbling opportunity to receive blessings from a kind monk, his words of wisdom echoing in our ears long after we departed. This chance encounter served as a reminder of the deep spirituality that permeates Cambodian culture.

Breakfast on a Paradise Island: An Idyllic Ending to an Epic Adventure

As our self-drive adventure drew to a close, we found ourselves marooned on a pristine, sandy island in the middle of a shimmering Mekong river. With the gentle lapping of waves as our soundtrack, we savored a breakfast of local delicacies, the perfect epilogue to an unforgettable Cambodian adventure.
Breakfast mekong island
Breakfast Mekong Island
lotos rallye 2024
Happy guests

A Land of Enchantment: Cambodia Beckons the Intrepid Traveler

Cambodia is a country that rewards the adventurous soul. If you’re seeking an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, a self-drive jeep tour is the ultimate way to unlock the magic of this Southeast Asian kingdom. So, ditch the guidebooks, embrace the unknown, and get ready to embark on an adventure that will leave you breathless. Will we see you at the 2025 edition of the Lotos Rallye? We also organize private selfdrive jeeps tours around Cambodia. From 2 to 15 days throughout the country. See more information here. All jeep tours can be customized to your needs. Watch here the video of the Lotos Rallye 2024

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