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Since the conception of Cambodian Travel Partner, we have specialized on individual travelers, tailoring their trips to their specific travel wishes, ensuring that their dream vacations are exactly this! We have put together beautiful journeys for thousands of guests over the past few years. Cambodian Travel Partner understand that every trip is different because every person has different wishes, needs and budgets. We will always work closely with our guests to ensure that they get the tour that fulfills exactly what they want.

This expertise, however, is not only limited to individuals. We also have a proud history of fulfilling specific projects for various organizations and companies, still maintaining our ethos that each tour must be tailored to the exact requirements of the customer. From film and tv producers needing help with scouting, film permits, and arranging logistics to students’ trips from universities requiring specific tours relating to their education field, our contacts, experience and attention to detail are always available to make sure everything goes smoothly.

In our portfolio you will find a number of projects from the past few years that we have organized for our clients. Thanks to our years of experience and specialization, it is possible to make all your dreams come true in Cambodia – you just need to tell us what they are!

1 Group Jeep Dirt

TV Documentary: Mijn Missie (My Mission – Dutch TV)

In the TV program My Missions UN veterans revisit the countries they were posted many years ago. They explore the impact of their military mission and experience if and how things have changed in the years since their departure. Cambodia is the subject of one of the episodes.

Asia Express (TV reality show)

Asia Express takes 18 people on an epic journey that money cannot buy. In 9 teams they race against each other across Asia. The winning team collects a large cash prize.


Cambodian Travel Partner is proud to be the partner of Wheelchairtraveller.org

Traveling in a wheelchair is quite difficult … WRONG!

If the right infrastructure and helpful assistance are on site, you can go anywhere on holiday. We, Tobias (wheelchair) and Verena (pedestrian) have repeatedly made that experience on our journeys.

Peking Express (Television)

Peking Express is an international reality tv show that follows a series of couples as they hitchhike across different countries. It is somehow very similar to the American show “The Amazing Race”.

Meditation retreat

Every year for the past 7 years, Dehyana from Anchoring the light brings a group of meditation aficionados for a retreat in Cambodia. We organize all the sightseeing activities for the group, as well as permits for early entry to the temples so that they can meditate before the crowds of tourists arrive.

Lotos Jeep Rallye 2013 - 2020

Lotos Rallye is a 14-day jeep tour across Cambodia we organized with Namipenda (first year) and GF MediaMarketing. 20 people took part in the Rallye, divided up into 10 jeeps.

University Trips

Westmont College USA regularly uses our services for their trips to Cambodia. Almost every year, a group of 30 students comes to Cambodia to study human trafficking in the Southeast Asian region.

Skoda Germany

With the help of Skoda Germany and GF MediaMarketing, we organized a promotional tour for Skoda Yeti (4WD) in Cambodia. Our participation in the tour ranged from finding the best spots for the filming and dealing with the filming permits to arranging accommodation and meals.

Seminar Conference

Cooperating with Bridge Event Organizer, we helped Manulife, a Canadian insurance company, to organize a Southeast Asia conference in Siem Reap. The conference brought 300 people from 6 different countries.

Classic Car Events – Cambodia / Vietnam 2019

In 2019 we organized an amazing self-drive jeep tour for Classic Car Events from Switzerland. This once in a lifetime trip through Cambodia and Vietnam took in historical sights, amazing countryside and wonderful culture of both countries.

Kumho Tyres (Germany)

GF Media Marketing asked us if we could provide for their partner Kumho a special day tour in Cambodia. Kumho is a Korean tire manufacturer and the German importer wanted to offer their guests something different.

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