Every year for the past 7 years, Dehyana from Anchoring the light brings a group of meditation aficionados for a meditation retreat in Cambodia. We organize all the sightseeing activities for the group, as well as permits for early entry to the temples so that they can meditate before the crowds of tourists arrive. In 2012, we also organized a memorable sunrise meditation at Preah Vihear, a stunning temple complex next to the border with Thailand.

Anchoring the light.

Here a small impression of the New Years retreat in 2019.

Making the transition from fear to love in the lost city of Angkor

Imagine yourself meditating under a star-studded sky in the ancient temple of Angkor Wat. Visualize yourself anchoring the light of everything that God is in a private setting along with other like-minded brothers and sisters.  Sense the energy of the ancients surrounding you – your heart is filled with love accepting that you too are an important part of God’s plan! 

Next in line…it’s the middle of the night, you are in silence, dressed in white, preparing for BreathWorks….now, feel the weight of your body lying on mother earth. You are deep in the jungle and scattered before you ancient temple ruins!  

 Are You Ready for the Healing Experience of a Lifetime?

This upcoming New Year Retreat is guaranteed to put you in a frequency of unconditional love! And there is no better way to cross the threshold into 2019 properly aligned!  Each day will be an adventure! Not only will you learn how to make the transition from fear to love participating in mini-workshops, you will learn more about yourself with each and every challenging adventure along the way.  Temples, jeeps, boats, hiking and much more awaits you.

Are you ready to make the transition?  Join us for this life enhancing experience and discover a whole new world in the Lost City of Ankor Wat!

Meditation Retreat is only one of the many activities we have done for our clients. Click here to go back to the list in our portfolio.

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