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Working with a TV production company demands a lot of energy, commitment but most importantly, perseverance. In other words, everything has to be in place within a certain time frame. In this paragraph our collaboration with Eccholine/Kanakna.

Peking Express is an international reality tv show that follows a series of couples as they hitchhike across different countries. It is somehow very similar to the American show “The Amazing Race”.

Peking Express takes 18 people on an epic journey that money cannot buy. In 9 teams they race against each other across Asia. After all, the winning team collects a large cash prize. The first episode of Peking Express was in 2004. Since then it has been broadcasted in several countries. For example in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Asia Express has been recorded for Mexico, Poland, Columbia, Romania and a few more countries. 

What we accomplished.

The theme of the show is to demonstrate how various couples deal with the challenges and pitfalls of attempting a long-distance hitchhike to a strange city. Together with all the difficulties presented by trying to communicate in a language they don't understand. Tension was added by including couples who had broken up "in real life", however they were willing to work together for the sake of winning the race.

We’ve now worked for several years with the Belgian production company of Peking Express, Kanakna, to arrange all ground activities in Cambodia. We arrange  for example, filming permits, accommodation, translators, transportation, games location, and meals. Every time Kanakna plans a new version of the show in Cambodia, Lily is the official “countryfixer”: the person in charge for advices and issue-management in a given country. So far we’ve worked for the Dutch, Belgian, French, Spanish, and Italian versions of Peking Express.

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