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Westmont College

It is a positive experience that students from the Western world come to Cambodia to see with their own eyes what is happening. In addition, this life experience remains in their memory more than the school books. A university trip is therefore very important for all students from all over the world

Westmont College USA regularly uses our services for their trips to Cambodia. Almost every year, a group of 30 students comes to Cambodia to study human trafficking in the Southeast Asian region. The trips we design for them both include the visit of sites related to their field of study and sightseeing activities.

During their trip through Cambodia, we visited several organizations so that the students could get a better sense of what is involved in the field. In other words, this fits in very well with the education they are following. Of course there is also time to explore the country and we visited Angkor.

University of Leuven

We also organized a trip through Cambodia for the Education department of the University of Leuven. The trip included the visit of primary and secondary schools, universities, orphanages and education centers in Battambang, Siem Reap, and Phnom Penh. Above all, we arranged almost everything, from accommodation and transportation to school visits and presentations. In 2013, we organized the same kind of tour for them in Vietnam

We organized a 5 days hands on tour for international students from Dubai. To contribute to the floating village of Kampong khleang, we spent a week with the students refurbishing a school. First, the building was cleaned inside and outside and the walls were plastered. After that, the walls of the school were painted. The result was awesome and it gave a very rewarding feeling to the international students. The school looks fresh and the young Cambodian students and their teacher can be proud of their school again.

University Trips is only one of the many activities we have done for our clients. Click here to go back to the list in our portfolio.

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