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The famous Asian Tuk-Tuk is so named because of the sound of their engine. In short, they are motorized rickshaws and are popular amongst tourists for getting around. These three wheeled motorcycles, with carriage and driver, are an excellent way to travel in style to reach the temples, countryside or town. However for longer distances it is advisable to take the jeep.


We have several American-made Vietnam War Jeep for jeep safaris; great for traveling to the countryside and their remote temples. Our experienced drivers will drive you to wherever you want to go. Jeep tours can be arranged for private groups or in a package. We highly recommend our Jeep tours as we can guarantee that you will experience the real Cambodia – meeting the locals and visiting more remote places.

Private Car

For small groups we can organize trips for you in a private car. For bigger groups, a more spacious van is available. For both, you will have experienced driver. As the main roads are now quite comfortable, we can assure you a reasonably smooth ride.


We can hire taxis for you. In Cambodia, most taxis are the Toyota Camry. The price of taxis is relatively cheap. Not more than 03 adults are advised per taxi. Those with a lot of luggage should hire a more spacious van.

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