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The borders in Cambodia are open again for vaccinated tourists from the 15th of November 2021. We can start to make new dreams again. You can always ask us what the current conditions are for traveling to Cambodia. In the meantime, we will be giving you  tips to get more out of your holiday in Cambodia.

All travel tips at a glance:

1. Meet the local people - It's one of the best part of traveling.

2. Try local street food - It's delicious. The safest places are the one with a que.

3. Enjoy your life - Accept the fact that something is going to be wrong.

4. Try to sync your sleeping routine with the local time zone immediately.

5. Communicate - Learn a few phrases of the local langueage. Being able to communicate a little bit goes a long way.

6. Comfort zone - Try something new. Meet new people. Eat crazy food.

7. Live the moment - Before you know it, you will be back home.

8. Stay hydrated - Use refill bottles.

9. Cooking class - Take a local cooking class. You will be able to cook some of your favorite foods you had in Cambodia.

10. Keep an open mind - When traveling things are not going to be the same as in your home country. Don't be disappointed when it does not meet your preconceived notions. You travel to see something different.

11. Carpe Diem - The more difficult a destination is, the more rewarding it is.

12. Are you familly? Bring your kids with you. Kids travel better than you think and you will always cherish those family memories.

13. Say cheese! Take too many pictures. You always be able to delete them later.


15. Get off the beaten path. Don't miss the must-see attractions but the lesser known sights are many times just as good.

16. Known the history. Read travel books about the temples of Angkor. It will make your visit more worthwhile.

17. Be polite. When you travel you are not only representing yourself, but also your country. The more friendly you are, the more help  you'll get. 

18. Enjoy the moment.



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