My name is Daniela and Iím the principle contact person for the Dutch and Belgium speaking guests. My motto is ďTravel is to live!Ē Since my first trip overseas in 1997, I realized that there was so much more to see and experience in the world. During my sabbatical year in 2011-2012, I volunteered for one year in Cambodia and didnít want to leave such a beautiful country. Cambodia, and especially the people living here, left a huge impression on me and inspired me to keep this magical country close to me. My goal in my job is to let you experience the other Cambodia- from famous sightseeing places to some quieter, more out of the way places. We offer a fully tailor-made service, and we are happy to make any modifications to your itinerary, it is, after all, your dream vacation. I am happy to keep discussing and refining your proposal until we have created your perfect holiday.