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Cambodian Living Arts

Phnom Penh - Cambodian Living Arts

Tour Code: PPCLA

Cambodian Living Arts is dedicated to the transformation of Cambodia through the art. This show provides stable employment to dancers, singers,…

Bicycle Join-in Tours: Half Day Phnom Penh

Bicycle Join-in Tours Half Day Phnom Penh

Tour Code: BThdPPJ

Away from the tuk tuks, the motorbikes, the massages, the pizza and the bars, is a truly unique experience. It’s as simple as going on a pedal through the Mekong Islands that lie just north of Phnom Penh. Return to the city with a new view of Phnom Penh and of Cambodia.

Phnom Penh – Full Day City Tour

Phnom Penh - Full Day City Tour

Tour Code: EXPP01

During this day trip we will use the famous tuk-tuk, 3 wheel motorized rickshaw with driver and carriage, and will bring you to the highlights of capital. The tuk-tuk provides a relaxed and comfortable way…

Mekong Island Boat tour

Mekong Island Boat tour

Tour Code: PPMIBT

This is an adventure trip to explore the life style of Khmer people on the island and you will enjoy an experience on horse and cart that will take you to see the rural areas, Khmer traditional weaving village,

Bicycle Join-in Tour: Full Day Oudong

Oudong Cycle Tour - One Day

This is a great full day of activity for those who ride regularly. We take a ride past the old railway station (recently restored) and with a few pedal strokes we are in the open spaces among rice fields and villages. We ride on small trails and back-roads with friendly people waving to us as we go.

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